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Far too often, agencies place child minders with families without applying the necessary precautionary screening assessments. Families consequently may end up employing registered candidates who have undergone minimal assessment, review and inspection.

Here at SA Cares we want you to know who you are allowing into your home. We are professional and meticulous about our background checks, criminal clearances and careful psychometric analysis. As such, we are committed to ensuring that every registered child minder has undergone a thorough screening and assessment process before connecting with our families.

To begin, every candidate is required to complete our online registration form. This provides us with the applicant’s particulars, previous work experience, contact details, references and other relevant information that helps us better understand the individual and his/her capabilities.

In order to be considered, all applicants must meet our minimum requirements:

they must be in possession of a Matric certificate;

they must hold a valid driving licence and have a reliable car;

they must have previous childcare experience.

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Provided the applicant satisfies our minimum requirements, he/she will be invited for an interview. During this interview, the applicant will be asked a series of questions about his or herself and their experience. The candidate will then complete a recognised Personality Assessment to highlight optimal personality characteristics that assist us with suitable placement with the right family.

The candidate will be informed of the nature of the Personality Assessment and will be asked to provide consent for the voluntary assessment. The assessment will only be used for the purpose of placing au pairs appropriately, and will not be used for recruitment purposes (i.e., to disqualify an au pair from being hired).

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Candidates are also given the opportunity to receive feedback on their Personality Assessment. Following this, we ensure that all the candidate’s references are contacted for an appropriate background and character assessment. References will be asked to confirm the particular candidate’s employment, what his/her role entailed during their period of employment and to provide a brief description of the candidate. These reference checks are conducted via email in order to guarantee transparency amongst our applicants and families throughout the screening and registration process. Criminal clearance checks will be conducted where necessary and are completed on an offer of appointment basis. These criminal checks are then sahred with eh applicant and the family.

Once these steps have been completed, the applicant is ready to be paired with a suitable family. No applicant will be registered as a professional childminder until she/he has undergone our thorough screening process. If, for any reason, a candidate fails to meet any of our requirements (for example a negative reference is received), we will refrain from recommending the candidate to any of our families. Your children are our priority and we do our utmost to provide your family with professional, experienced, reliable and compassionate child minders.