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The first step is to register with us online in order for us to get a comprehensive view of what the family’s requirements are.

Once the registration form is received, we will begin sending CV bundles of potentially suitable and compatible au pairs to the client for perusal. Contained in these CV bundles are comments on the personal interview, all personal documents and qualifications, reference checks as well as the results of their Personality Assessment. Families then select who they would like to interview based on the CV bundles. We then begin to schedule interviews for families at their most convenient time and place.

There is no limit to the number of CV bundles one family may request as well as no limit to how many different candidates a family may interview, as our main priority is to find the most suitable au pair for the family, and ensure a long lasting and prosperous employment relationship.

Once a family has selected a candidate whom they think would be most suitable for their needs and requirements, an offer will be sent through to that particular au pair on behalf of the family based on these needs and requirements. Should the au pair decide to accept this offer; an invoice for the placement fee will be sent through to the family. Once this placement fee is settled, the au pair would be free to begin working with the family.


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Psychometric Testing is fundamental for the intricate understanding of child-carer relationships and the successful placement of candidates with families. The use of psychometric testing is what sets SA Cares apart from any other child-minding agency. With over 10 years’ experience within the industry, SA Cares has witnessed a number of unsuccessful placements between child minders and families due to personality incompatibilities. In this way, we recognised that conducting thorough Psychometric Analyses should minimise these incompatibilities and provide for the best partnering opportunities.

With a professional background in child psychology, we understand the intricate nature of finding the perfect fit between the personalities of the carer, the children and their families.

We recognise the importance of sustaining a strong, lengthy and advantageous employment partnership. In addition to this, our applicants also develop strong personal relationships with their chosen children and families. As such, providing your family with a consistently supportive and nurturing environment is paramount to fostering the successful development of your child/children on an emotional, intellectual and physical level.

Along these lines, by successfully pairing a childminder with a family based on her/his personality traits, a positive triangle of communication and connection can be formed between minder, parents and child/children, thus greatly benefiting each party and, most importantly, ensuring the well-being of the child/children.

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An au pair’s duties are varied and depend entirely upon the family’s functionality needs. These duties are generally discussed between the au pair and the family prior to the au pair’s commencement of work. Below is a list of common duties;

Providing nurturance, care, stimulation and companionship to your children;

Taking and fetching your children from school;

Transporting your children to extra mural activities, therapies, play dates, doctor's appointments, etc;

Supervising and/or assisting with homework;

Liaising with teachers, coaches and therapists on your behalf;

Arranging and supervising; therapies, play dates, doctor's appointments, etc;

Supervising and/or assisting with homework;

Liaising with teachers, coaches and therapists on your behalf;

Arranging and supervising play dates;

Purchasing necessities for, and assisting with, projects and assignments;

Running errands for you;

Grocery shopping on your behalf;

Engaging in intellectually stimulating play and activities with your children;

Preparation of meals for your children, and;

Babysitting and weekend work by prior arrangement;